Trio, “Trio”
(Producer 1981)

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In 1980 Klaus returned to Germany where he began working as a scout for record companies. He discovered an unknown band calledTrio, a minimalist band that was part of the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave).

Klaus produced several records for the band throughout the 1980’s, and he played bass on some of the songs. Trio’s “Da Da Da” was a hit in 30 countries and there is rumored to be an estimated 50 cover versions of the song. Klaus later decided that he didn’t want to continue producing, and as the 1990’s approached, he was once again drawn back into the world of graphic art.

Trio, LP
H.R. Kunze, Reine Nervensache LP

Trio, Bye Bye, LP
Joachim Witt, Mit Rucksack und Harpune LP

Trio,What’s the Password
Stephan Remmler, LP
Wigald Boning, Bremen, LP

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