AP16.0 Elvis Meets The Beatles – Jukebox

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High quality digital art print
Size: 298×420 mm/11.75 x 16.5″
Edition: 99
Signed and numbered by Klaus Voormann

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Size: 298×420 mm
11.75 x 16.5″

Edition: 99

High quality digital art print

Hand signed and numbered by
Klaus Voormann


In the summer of 1965 The Beatles met Elvis Presley in Los Angeles. The meeting was arranged through Elvis’s manager, Joe Esposito.  It was not publicized. There were no journalists or members of the press. There were no photographers and no photos taken by anyone to commemorate the occasion.

Klaus researched this meeting in depth and spoke with Joe Esposito who described his memories of the meeting, including the pool table and jukebox. These photorealistic images Klaus painted of The Beatles and Elvis are his interpretation of some of the events of that day.

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